Zotac Launches Three New GeForce GTX 1070 Ti Cards

Zotac rolled out a trio of new GeForce GTX 1070 Ti graphics cards, and the company hopes that one is just right for you.

Based on the GeForce GTX 1070 Ti, all three cards feature the same 1,607MHz / 1,683MHz base clock / boost frequency on the core, paired with 8GB GDDR5X memory running at 8Gbps. All consume 180W and require at least 500W power supplies, and all are equipped with one Dual Link DVI-D, one HDMI 2.0b, and three full-sized DisplayPorts. The AMP Extreme and AMP versions both utilize two 8-pin power connectors. The 1070 Ti Mini is fitted with a single 8-pin power connector.

The Zotac 1070 Ti AMP Extreme, the largest of the three new GPUs, features one of Zotac's massive proprietary triple-slot IceStorm coolers equipped with three 90mm dual-ball bearing EKO fans embedded into a metal “Carbon Exoarmor” fan shroud. The fans push air through interlaced aluminum fins bonded to direct contact copper heatpipes attached to the GPU core. A large metal wraparound backplate adds structural strength and rigidity to prevent the card from bending under the weight of the heatsink.

The Zotac 1070 Ti AMP edition features a scaled down version of the IceStorm cooler. This dual-slot direct copper contact heatsink is slightly smaller than the AMP Extreme version and utilizes two large 100mm fans to cool the copper heatpipe / aluminum fin assembly. This GPU also features a standard full-cover backplate.

Zotac’s 1070 Ti Mini, the smallest of the company’s three 1070 Ti offerings, is equipped with the most compact version of the IceStorm cooler yet. The fan shroud features dual fans moving air through four copper heatpipes with bonded aluminum fins. Zotac has once again decided to forego its famous black and yellow color scheme, instead opting for gunmetal gray on the shroud and backplate.

With the exception of the GTX 1070 Ti Mini, these cards sport Zotac's all new Spectra lighting system to control the RGB lighting. The GTX 1070 Ti Mini is equipped with just an always-on white LED light. 

Those of you interested in 1070 Ti cards from other manufacturers would be wise to give our GeForce GTX 1070 Ti unboxing article a once over. Both Inno3D and EVGA have 1070 Ti card announcements, as well, and of course Nvidia made its own announcement about it.

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Header Cell - Column 0 Zotac 1070 Ti AMP ExtremeZotac 1070 Ti AMPZotac 1070 Ti Mini
CUDA Cores2,432
Base / Boost Clock1,607 / 1,683 MHz
Memory Size8GB GDDR5
Memory Data Rate8 Gbps
Display Output3 x DisplayPort 1.4 HDMI 2.0b DL-DVI-D3 x DisplayPort 1.2 HDMI 2.0b DL-DVI-D
Recommended PSU500W
SLIYes SLI HB Bridge Supported
Direct X12
Power Input2 x 8-pin8-pin
Card Dimensions325 x 148 x 56.6mm300 x 148 x 43.5mm211 x 125 x 41mm
  • jsoutherland89
    I pre-ordered the AMP! edition. Can't wait to install this bad boy!
  • AndyWiryaPeaceful
    If it's not overclockable and undervoltable, then it's no good for mining