Apple Vision Pro goes up to 1TB, uses M2 chip with 10-core GPU

Apple Vision Pro
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Apple's foray into spatial computing, the Vision Pro, went up for pre-orders this morning. That also means the company published a page in the Apple Store revealing some last-minute specs.

We've known since WWDC 2023 that Apple is using an M2 processor alongside a new R1 chip designed to run cameras, sensors, and microphones. We now know that the M2 chip has 8 CPU cores and 10 GPU cores, which is the highest grade of that SoC. (The entry-level 13-inch MacBook Airs use an 8-core GPU.)

When Apple announced the February 2 release date, we knew that the $3,499 starting price was for 256GB of storage. Pre-orders also include a 512GB version for $3,699 or a 1TB option for $3,899.

AppleCare+ is $499 for two years or $24.99 per month ongoing and includes repairs for accidental damage and a replacement service that will ship you a new headset so you don't have to wait to repair your existing one.

The Vision Pro isn't designed for glasses. Zeiss Optical inserts will cost $99 for readers or $149 to add your prescription. Apple will also sell additional accessories, including a $199 hard travel case, $199 extra batteries, $199 light seals, additional headbands ($99 each for dual loop or solo knit), and $29 light seal cushions.

You'll get plenty of accessories in the box, including a cover for the front screen, the solo knit and dual loop bands, a polishing cloth, a battery, a light seal cushion, and a 30W power adapter.

Over the last week, selected journalists, YouTubers, and influencers have gotten last-minute controlled hands-on, many of which highlighted excellent image quality, eye tracking, and hand-tracking, though some complained about the weight. Now, we know that that's between 21.2 - 22.9 ounces (600 - 650 grams) depending on the light seal and head band you use. The battery, which connects via a cable, is 353 grams.

Ship times have slipped into March for all three configurations, though you may have better luck if your local store will have stock on launch day. Apple has said that stores will be offering try-ons beginning on launch day but has not provided more information on how to sign up.

Pre-orders require an iPad or iPhone with Face ID, which will scan your head to obtain sizing for the headband and light seals. If you go from a web browser, you'll be directed to one of those devices.

Andrew E. Freedman

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  • ekio
    $3500 and the base version is 256GB. are they seriously serious ??

    WTH is happening inside the head of the entitled CEO of this entitled company ?
  • sygreenblum
    It's apple. People will buy it. I've seen some honest and less than honest reviews of the product. It seems conclusive, it is an impressive device, but currently is pretty limited as far as functionality. If I end up purchasing it, I'm waiting for version 3.11. They still have bugs to work out and add functionality. Any new product does, this one especially.
  • brandonjclark
    Admin said:
    Apple Vision Pro goes up to 1TB of storage and uses an M2 processor with a 10-core GPU.
    This is the best CPU they can throw in it for that price? That's disappointing.
  • HopefulToad
    LOL at Apple charging $200 for an extra 256 GB storage and another $200 for 500 GB more on an already absurdly expensive product. But, well, the target demographic for this certainly has the money, so why not, I guess?
  • husker
    Hopefully it will come in a variety of colors for only $100 more. :rolleyes: