Galax unveils RTX 4070 Super Hall of Fame with 320W configurable TBP and 210MHz factory overclock

Galax RTX 4070 Super Hall of Fame OC Lab Edition Series
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Galax has unveiled a new mid-range Hall of Fame graphics card featuring Nvidia's all-new RTX 4070 Super GPU. Known by its full name as the Hall of Fame OC Lab Edition, the new card will come in Master-X and Master Edition flavors, sporting beefy triple-slot cooler designs and the series' renowned all-white color theme.

As is expected from a Hall of Fame graphics card, the new RTX 4070 Super variant cranks up all the performance and overclocking features to eleven. Out of the box, the RTX 4070 Hall of Fame OC Lab Edition series cards come with a whopping 210MHz factory overclock, boosting the 4070 Super's clock speed from 2,475MHz (reference) to 2,685MHz (an 8.4% improvement). Target board power can also be extended massively in overclocking software, from 250W to 320W (or 28%).

Similar to all Galax HoF series GPUs, this new model takes on the series' renowned all-white color theme, sporting both a full white shroud and backplate as well as an all-white PCB — which is something you don't always see on white-themed graphics cards. The cooler has eight heatpipes consisting of two 8mm heat pipes and six 6mm heatpipes that connect to a large copper plate, making direct contact with the GPU die. Cooling the heatsink is a trio of 102mm fans featuring the Galax HoF emblem on the fan hubs and an aggressive angular fan blade design akin to other HoF series cards.

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GPUClock SpeedTarget Board PowerMax Configurable TBP
RTX 4070 Super FE2,480MHz220WUnknown
RTX 4070 Super HoF OC Lab Edition2,685MHz250W320W

Power delivery is manipulated by a beefy 12+3 power delivery system featuring an Infineon XDPE10281 PWM controller. Compared to other heavyweights like the RTX 4070 Super Aorus Master and ROG Strix, the HoF series counterparts have two more phases making them the most powerful RTX 4070 Supers you can buy (or will be able to buy). These two additional phases won't make a night and day difference to the 4070 Super's overclocking experience, but it might be good enough to eke out a couple of percentage points worth of performance compared to its contemporaries.

Dual BIOS functionality is also present on the new Galax HoF cards. Still, unlike most cards, which come with a performance and quiet/efficient BIOS, the HoF RTX 4070 Super models come with performance and static modes. This apparently holds clock speeds at a static point, preventing them from going up and down via GPU Boost 4.0. This is particularly beneficial for hardcore overclockers looking to break world records or push the highest scores possible on their card. A static clock speed will yield more consistent performance and make the card's thermal behavior more predictable when utilizing exotic cooling solutions such as liquid nitrogen.

Availability and MSRP have not been disclosed. However, if the RTX 4070 Super Hall of Fame OC Lab Edition series is like any of Galax's other HoF GPUs, they will be tough to get in America. If you want one of these high-end GPUs, be prepared to buy one across international waters.

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  • valthuer
    All the bells and whistles, except the one that really matters: 16 GBs of VRAM.
  • hannibal
    Only options are 12gb or 24gb… so what to expect…
  • Argolith
    valthuer said:
    All the bells and whistles, except the one that really matters: 16 GBs of VRAM.
    Well but you can't have that, otherwise your GPU wouldn't be outdated in 8 months.