Alphacool's new APEX RAM X4 puts addressable RGBs on a custom cooling memory block

Alphacool APEX X4 Liquid RAM Cooler
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Alphacool has released a custom-cooling add-on for chilling memory modules, called the Apex X4 liquid RAM cooler. This water block is designed to be installed on DRAM modules (sold separately). The block uses a nickel-plated copper base and an ARGB function via a 5V three-pin connector. It has two G 1/4-inch threads for tubing. You'll also need a G 1/4-inch fitting, which is also available from Alphacool. These are rated to operate up to 60 degrees and with a two-year warranty. 

Liquid cooling blocks like this are made to be included in open-loop liquid cooling products made by companies like Alphacool. So this will appeal to a micro-niche within a niche of custom cooling builders. Most users would rightfully question whether most RAM needs active cooling at all, let alone a custom liquid cooling treatment. But if you're the type who craves the maximum possible stable RAM speeds, your you just like to add as many components as possible into your loop, you may find Alphacool's solution appealing

The Apex RAM X4 cooler requires you to remove your RAM's default heatspreader, which voids the warranty. And many heatspreaders on memory modules are hard to open due to the adhesive's strength, so it's not as straightforward as installing a GPU or an M.2 SSD liquid cooling block. 

Once the sticks are bare, you then install Alphacool's heatspreader, and then put the included thermal paste over it. This makes contact with the liquid cooler, once installed using the provided screws that run through Alphacool's heatspreader. The copper block has contact only with the top area of the heatspreader.

Alphacool has offered similar RAM cooling kits in the past, including the original D-RAM X4. It would be nice if manufacturers like Alphacool showed off some data that illustrates the benefits of cooling memory kits, especially with highly binned and overclocked RAM, compared to the default cooler provided with these high-end kits. Alphacool doesn't recommend specific DIMM types, but since you need to remove any factory-installed heat spreaders, the  APEX RAM X4 should be desktop memory agnostic.

The World of RAM Cooling

Thermaltake offers something similar, which includes the memory kit preinstalled, therefore removing that risk of voiding RAM as the heatspreader is installed. Memory kits can get expensive depending on when you make a purchase and kits with highly binned chips for better overclocking will command a premium. 

Still, every solution has competition, and DIY liquid cooling blocks have been the domain of companies Alphacool. RAM coolers, whether practical or not, existed for quite a while. OCZ had an air cooler for RAM that would be secured over the DIMM slot.

Active RAM cooling, either using air or liquid, has always been a niche product. Adding RGB to it might make it more appealing to some. Alphacool makes a variety of liquid cooling blocks for CPUs, GPUs and even NVMe drives. So if you've already gone down the custom-cooled-everything rabbit hole and are looking to add more RGB and more components to your loop, Alphacoo's ARGB RAM liquid cooling add-on might be just what you're looking for.

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  • ruffnekk
    Given that the both GPU waterblocks I got from alphacool were designed incorrectly even on Version 2 and ive been waiting over a month for their "fix" to arrive I don't trust alphacool