The Top 15 Best-Selling PC Games Of All Time

#5: Half-Life 2

Sold: At Least 6 Million PC (12 Million Copies Across All Platforms)
(Source: Valve interview, NPD Annual Sale Reports)

Released in 2004 by the Valve Corporation, the sequel to Half-Life has won 39 Game of the Year Awards and is currently Metacritic's highest-rated first-person shooter of all time. The game features dynamic lighting, shadows, and realistic water effects.

#4: The Sims 2

Sold: At Least 6 Million PC (13 Million Copies Across All Platforms)
(Source: GameSpy, Amazon Reviews)

The Sims 2 is one of two sequels to Electronic Arts' family and neighborhood simulation game The Sims. Released in 2004, The Sims 2 features aging characters and greater customization than the original game, as well as vastly improved graphics (for what that's worth).

#3: Myst

Sold: 6 Million Copies
(Source: Wired Magazine)

Originally released by Brøderbund in 1993, Myst is a straightforward adventure game that featured stunning graphics for its time. It was the best-selling computer game of all time until The Sims was released nine years later. Together with its four sequels, the Myst franchise has sold more than 12 million copies worldwide.

#2: StarCraft

Sold: At least 7 Million PC (11 Million Copies Across All Platforms)
(Source: Edge Magazine)

StarCraft is a competitive multiplayer RTS that was released by Blizzard Entertainment in 1998. Based in a science fiction setting, StarCraft boasts three distinct factions and a well-balanced game structure. GameSpot hailed StarCraft as "the standard by which all real-time strategy games are judged".

#1: The Sims (Original)

Sold: At Least 7 Million Copies (16 Million Copies Across All Platforms)
(Sources: GameSpot, TMCnet, NPD Annual Sale Reports)

The Sims is a simulation game in which you create and control the lives of individuals, families, and neighborhoods. Released in 2000 by Electronic Arts, The Sims quickly topped global PC game sale charts from 2000 to 2004, taking over the record previously set by Myst. Together with The Sims 2 and 3 (and many expansions for all three games), the franchise has sold over 125 million copies worldwide across all platforms.

  • pckitty4427
    I thought Flight Simulator would be on here.
    I'm first..maybe
  • Um, you have a screenshot of Starcraft 2, instead of one for Starcraft.
  • de5_Roy
    Chuck Norris does not play w.o.w. he just stares at the monitor and the enemy gets instantly destroyed.
  • CoolBOBob1
    I would assumed that if Cataclysm was up there that every expansion of WoW would be up there. Since there was at least 12 million players during Wrath of the Lich King and whether or not they had the expansion they needed to have at least the original version.
  • acku
    Before we hear a lot of complaints, I'm going to head off some concerns. Like most PC game sale reports, we're looking only at retail sales. This doesn't count digital distribution networks or subscription figures. Those numbers are not publically available nor can they be confirmed with original sources. Second, we're counting the sales made at some store, be it online or physical, but it will be the box not the digital copy. Third, we treated expansion packs as separate titles.

    I don't mind a bit of lively debate, but please keep your comments constructive or they will be deleted. Personal attacks do not help. If you want to call our choices into account, I'll be happy to listen and perhaps create a part 2 of this series.

    Andrew Ku
  • builder4
    That first picture would have been better suited to the iPad review.
    "It's exactly the same as the iPad 2 except for the screen, but is heavier, thicker, runs hotter, has reduced battery life..."
    "Shut up and take my money!"
  • lahawzel
    Why is the screenshot for StarCraft BW... StarCraft II?
  • acku
    9548877 said:
    Why is the screenshot for StarCraft BW... StarCraft II?

    Forgive me if I inserted the wrong picture, but I do believe the title says StarCraft II, which matches the StarCraft II picture.
  • Onikage
    Dune 2 to me is the greatest PC game ever made !