Best Online Co-Op Games

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  • Cryio
    No Splinter Cell Conviction or Blacklist?
    No Dead Space 3?

    Come on.
  • nondy
    Seriously portal 2 is the no 1 pick?
  • crosswayjr
    diablo 3 shold have been number 1
  • Hal-Jordan
    Planetside 2 should be near the top of this list.
  • alextheblue
    2537994 said:
    diablo 3 shold have been number 1

    I do think Portal 2 was a bit overrated. I'd have put Borderlands 2 (or just the Borderlands series as the Pre-Sequel and some of the expansions were also good) at the top. As far as Diablo III goes, I got way more out of Path of Exile for less money. Diablo III is a lot simpler so it's good if you are playing it with younger family members. PoE is more like Diablo II modernized with a seriously advanced skill tree. I am not sure how Don't Starve Together got on there. :P There are some good titles in that list though. I was a bit surprised at the lack of procedurally generated voxel games, but then again it wasn't meant to be an exhaustive list or anything.
  • Verrin
  • DotNetMaster777
    Diablo is number one !!
  • eza
    Check out Rainbow Six 3 (the last real R6 game) it's cheap, runs on anything, and is still a great co-op FPS
  • ganron
    Where is No man's sky ??
  • Shagos
    StarCraft 2 has been one of my favorites lately. It's the only RTS game that I know of that has specific co-op missions and commanders. Reminds me of Red Alert 3 and it's co-op only campaign which was super fun, but is difficult to get working now that you have to use 3rd party support to replace gamespy.
  • mortsmi7
    Where's Orc Must Die 2?
  • tsnor
    Total Annihilation is missing from this list ??? Shocking.

    World of Tanks ? World of Warships ? War Thunder ? League of Legends ? Did you miss a genre of Online Co-Op Games ?
  • Chugalug_
    Aaaah Portal 2, aka: 'How to ruin all your relationships within an hour'
  • Salviano
    No Warframe in this list... DISAPOINTED!!!
  • omegadoom13
    Killing Floor 2? The Division?
  • spdragoo
    Must have been a rule on the age of games checked, because there's no sign of SWAT 3 or 4 on the list. That was true co-op play, & even in the "deathmatch" style games a team was rewarded more for arresting an opponent vs. just killing them (1 point per kill vs. 5 points per arrest). Not to mention the very different "VIP Escort" mission, where the Tangos couldn't kill the VIP before a) arresting him & b) the 2-minute timer reached zero; killing him before that point lost them the match.
  • WipeoutSwe
    The Arma 3 developers also released a free multiplayer+coop version called Argo which features a slimmed down experienced which can be more suitable for casual gaming. And i repeat: Its free.