Community Picks: Most Memorable Game Levels

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  • chalabam
    The rain in Crysis with epic background music, the wind on the savanna in Far Cry 2, looking at the pit in St. Francis' Folly, the hearthbeats in Alien Isolation... All those moments will be lost in time, like tears in rain...
  • Ilya__
    Arcane Sanctuary in Diablo 2
  • rogerrambo
    All Ghillied up, call of duty mwf. the hornets nest, medal of honor frontline.
  • badaxe2
    Crysis "Onslaught" and most of Dark Souls should be in here somewhere.
  • pw178860
    Dishonored 2 "The Clockwork Mansion" is the most outstanding level design!
    It should be mentioned here.
  • Uniblab
    First unreal tournament(1999). CTF: "Facing worlds". Assault: "Overlord". Facing worlds was the first map that made you just want to look at before playing it. Drop player mode and just 'camera' around to see it all. Overlord was, like other choices, a recreation of the battle of normandy. Tough to get through and and some say, too real to what actually happened.
  • illuminatuz
    I thought the helicopter mission from GTA Vice city will be part of this!!! Not fair man!!
  • Flying-Q
    Being hunted by assassins in a warehouse in the original Half-Life.
  • SSBrando
    The first American mission storming the beach in Call of Duty 2. Or the 9th level of Wolfenstein 3D when you open that door and giant guy says 'Guten tag!' and blasts you in the face. Or the first part of the battle of the Red Queen in American McGee's Alice. Or at any point you encounter a Spider Mastermind or Cyberdemon in Doom II. Those'll work!
  • Pompompaihn
    Some good ones and some that I'm a little wtf over. Ravenholm is arguably the best level ever in my opinion. Perfect example of how to introduce a new mechanic to a game without having to have it explained artificially.

    Surprised not to see Rainbow Road on there. That's iconic.
  • lun471k
    Farron Keep in Dark Souls 3 is quite memorable, although not the most beautiful sight in Dark Souls 3, which is breathtaking sometimes.
  • therickmu25
    The first Bezerker encounter in Gears of War 1
  • bigdragon
    Dust, Ravenholm, Forgotten Capital, and Green Hill Zone are definitely iconic levels for me too. I'd also add CS's Office, UT's Deck and Morpheus, Duke3D's Tiberius Station, FEAR 2's elementary school, Doom 3's Delta Labs, Ace Combat 4's Shattered Skies mission, and Xenoblade X's Lifehold Core.
  • RadoslawWDudziak
  • g-unit1111
    My pick would be the "Legal Trouble" mission from GTA V. Everything about that mission was awesome from the overhead helicopter chase to running through the airport hangar to the unfortunate fate of Solomon's lawyer. :lol:
  • Gh0stWalker
    wade elementary, do this in a darkened room... gordon and alyx clearing the asylum, just about anything in horizon zero dawn, kicking around the solar system in 4k in IW, lots of others. Wade elementary still makes the ASMR run wild.
  • Gh0stWalker
    oh, and lets not forget just about all of TLOU!
  • paul prochnow
    Crysis, yes, all versions. Dripping mountains and caves etc. And splatting squid heads...LOL!

    What about Borderlands [pl.]up for honorable mention just for the weaponry ??? Not to mention pithy narratives and cataclysmic SpecFX such as the poopdeck earthquake incredible large scope vortex destruction....that scene does not have an action equal, especially the first play of it.