Six new Raspberry Pi 5 compatible Pineberry Pi boards announced, including dual NVMe, AI and 2.5G Ethernet

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Pineberry Pi has really stepped up the plate since the release of the Raspberry Pi 5. We had the opportunity to review the Pineberry Pi HatDrive! and HatDrive! Top modules when they were released and overall found them to be useful little boards, rating them at 4 out of 5 stars. Today we're excited to share news of the release of six new boards that are also compatible with the Raspberry Pi 5, adding a slew of upgrades and modifications to the SBC. This information comes to us from a recent post shared to the official Pineberry Pi X (formerly Twitter) page.

These new boards could one day make it to our list of the Best Raspberry Pi HATs but we won't know until we review them. The new boards include support for dual NVMe drives, 2.5G Ethernet and even AI hardware via Google Coral. Many of these boards can be stacked so it's possible to indulge in a few of these if you've got a project that could use the extra features.

We're particularly excited about the HatDrive! Dual which provides support for up to two NVMe drives. This board is similar to Pimoroni's NVMe Base Duo. It's currently available for pre-order with a price of €39.99 EUR (or $43.82 USD). The HatBRICK! Commander is also up for pre-order for €34.99 (or $38.12 USD), this board provides support for two PCIe boards. You can also pre-order the HatDrive! AI board for €39.99 EUR ($43.82 USD) which enables Coral Edge TPU support.

The HatDrive! NET 1G board offers both NVMe support and Gigabit Ethernet at €42.99 EUR ($46.86 USD) for pre-order. If you need faster Ethernet, then the HatNET! 2.5G board is priced at €45.99 ($50.12 USD) and will give you 2.5 Gigabit Ethernet support. The HatDrive! Top Lite a cut-down version of the Top version offers NVMe 2230 and 2242 Gen 3 support for just €16.99 ($18.60 USD).

According to the Pineberry Pi store, there is an anticipated 2 - 4 week period before shipping will begin, starting March 20th. For more updates, be sure to follow Pineberry Pi over at X (formerly Twitter).

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