2.1 Hi-Fi Audio Bigs Up

Logitech X-230: On Paper And To The Ear

Though of average power - even limited where the satellites are concerned -, the 230 was able to attain very high sound levels - a little more than 106 dB.

Maximum level: 106.5 dB SPL

Our measurement showed well-balanced response, with very good regularity in the midrange and the highs, free of any severe drops. Only in the lower midrange does response falter a bit, while still remaining very decent. The bass is fairly regular and descends relatively low for a subwoofer of this size. Perhaps slightly to the detriment of sound level...

Remarkable regularity and perfect balance in the midrange and highs. Below that things are a little more uneven, but still well balanced.

Fine results for bass response, with long, regular response for a model in this category

On playback, the 230 shows very good reproduction, both balanced and transparent. Clearly the regularity in the midrange and the highs translates into timbres of very high quality. What the system might be a bit short on, if you like loud music, is volume level... The dynamics quickly become a little meager. It won't be a problem for individual listening, but if you want to use your system for listening in a group -meaning at slightly longer distances -it could be more of a problem, especially since the satellites can't be oriented. The 230 is a desk system for a user who's sitting in front of the screen. The bass is very good but -as might have been expected - limited in sound by the size of the speaker. Here again, it's fine for personal use in close quarters, but less ideal for filling a room. On the practical side, the lack of connectivity is a bit of a shame.