2007 HDD Rundown: Can High Capacities Meet High Performance?

System Hard Drives: Faster, Faster!

Hitachi DeskStar 7K160, 160 GB SATA

Hitachi's DeskStar 7K160 is only available in 80 GB and 160 GB capacity points. This model was designed for the entry level, and should therefore not be regarded as outdated due to its relatively small sizes. Indeed, the 7K160 satisfies all your wishes with up to date specifications: 7,200 RPM at average hard drive heating dissipation; Serial ATA/300 interface with high transfer rates up to 75 MB/s; acceptable access time within 13.5 ms; and 8 MB cache memory. Hitachi uses Thermal Fly-Height Control (TFC) technology, which adjusts the distance of the writing and reading heads over the magnetic platters according to the current operating temperature. The 7K160 also supports NCQ, and comes with a three-year manufacturer warranty.

We have already found this model in stores for less than $70 - what a bargain! Hitachi also offers this drive in variations with the UltraATA/133 interface. Another option in this category is Western Digital's WD1600 AAJS; you will get better performance and less heat for just $20 more.