32 Graphic Card Meltdown - Part Two

Benchmark Results - Quake 3 Test V1.08

Quick note: I ran Quake 3 Test in "Normal" mode and just changed resolution for the 16-bit testing. As for 32-bit testing, I set the mode for "High Quality" and changed resolution. I also noted that the Savage4 cards have some funky graphical issues that can be best described as "Disco Fever." Check this out:

800x600 PNG file (400k)

Benchmark Results - Quake 3 Test V1.08 - 640x480x16

Up at the top we have a couple of the Voodoo3 cards followed closely by TNT2's. The ATI cards do impressively well in this particular test followed by most of the Savage4 cards that oddly enough are faster than the G400 cards!