32 Graphic Card Meltdown - Part Two

Benchmark Results - Descent 3 D3D - 640x480x16

Quick note: I ran into something very interesting when I did my tests with Descent 3. I feel that it brings a great example of why native API support is a benefit. This is at least in the case of Glide, which has been embraced by many game developers who have and will be making games using Glide. Descent has three choices: DirectX, Glide and OpenGL. I was a bit annoyed when I had stability problems of my Voodoo3 boards running in DX or OpenGL but then I realized why this was so. The game supports Glide and wasn't probably QA'ed using DX or OpenGL very well since there would be no reason to use those modes. So in all the Descent3 tests you will see the Voodoo3 scores ran in Glide mode only. This isn't exactly what I had planned since these tests were intended to analyze the cards in various game applications to compare driver performance. However, I decided that this is just a perk for the Voodoo3 and that's what you'll see as I show the rest of the results.

At the top of the pack you can see the Voodoo3 cards shooting way ahead. Almost all cards are performing in the excellent area at this setting. The i752 and Savage4 cards are the only ones flirting with falling below that level.