4"x6" Printers: Your Own Photo Lab

Canon Selphy DS700

While the names are similar, the Selphy DS700 is totally unlike the Selphy CP500. The manufacturer's choice of inkjet technology for this model shows that quality was more of a concern.

Ergonomics And Design

Looking at the Selphy DS700, at first you get the impression that it's a portable CD player. But no, it really is a printer. What also shocks you is that in spite of the presence of memory-card slots - incompatible with xD-Picture cards, which are used by numerous digital cameras - there's no LCD display for previewing files. Instead there's a composite video output, for connecting the Selphy DS700 to a TV set, on which you then display and print the pictures, and navigate through the different menus.

Provided that's possible - meaning you have a TV set near your printer - it's very convenient, since everything can be managed via an infrared remote control. But when that's not the case, you'll have to do your printing in PictBridge mode or from your computer.

Print Quality

It came as no surprise, given Canon's reputation, that the Selphy DS700 produced quality prints. The mini inkjet cartridge uses three colors and is especially convincing in the blues. On the other hand, watch out for black-and-white printing. The prints had a slight tendency to lean towards magenta. The absence of black ink was a real disadvantage there.

Printing Speed

Speed doesn't seem to be a strong point of the Selphy DS700. But putting things in perspective, it was in fact the fastest inkjet model. This printer is also one of the rare ones that offers different quality modes that let you improve printing speed - if you're willing to be a lot less demanding about color fidelity, that is. Line effects were quite visible in low-quality mode.

Cost Per Print

Unlike with its thermal-sublimation products, Canon doesn't offer packs including ink and paper for the Selphy DS700. On the other hand, there are batches of two cartridges sold at reasonable prices, which bring the cost per print to approximately 35 cents. That compares favorably with the competition.


Provided you can display your shots on an external screen, the Selphy DS700 is a solid printer that offers good color print quality and a reasonable cost per print. However, given its relatively high purchase price and lack of flexibility, people will tend to turn towards a model like the HP Photosmart 375.

  • printerinkperson
    Stinkyink now offer ink cartridges for the Kodak Dock Plus 3 ink. Oh and it's free delivery too!
  • printerinkperson
    Stinkyink now offer ink cartridges for the Kodak Dock Plus ink. Oh and it's free delivery too!