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80's Drivers Rock And Roll SLI

Oldies But Goodies, Continued

The second one is also found on the tools page. I have seen people have problems with their color tones and gamma when they change video cards or upgrade their monitors. There can be hours of frustration that could have been avoided by utilizing a simple "Display Optimization Wizard". If you need more fine tuning after that, the driver has more features to change the screen position, image sharpness, brightness, contrast and you can even store separate profiles for different display appliances.

The final feature for this session is located on the Resolution and Refresh tab. I have seen people get a newer graphics card, processor, motherboard and virtually every other component as well as the operating system before they upgrade their monitor. When the older monitor has support for a higher resolution, say 1600x1200 but is thought to only support 1280x1024 for Windows, it can be annoying trying to move the slider to a location that is not available.

If you find yourself or a friend in this situation, there is an option to add a resolution that does not display in the control panel. By clicking on the "Add" button, you can change the screen size, refresh rate and the color quality (bit depth). Now you can use those oddball monitors with your new hardware as long as the driver supports it or can support it with your driver tweaking.