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80's Drivers Rock And Roll SLI


The NVIDIA Release 80 driver has added a lot of good features as well as kept the performance on par or better in many of the benchmarks. The best features in the release are the SLI on the Fly and mix-n-match cards for SLI. The one function we feel should have been more robust was the auto detection feature. It is great that the driver will look for a new output device that is plugged in at startup, but what happens when you need to attach another monitor, or more realistically, a projector for presentation purposes? We now have SLI on the fly, but we want display on the fly as well.

Overall, we are pleased with the Release 80 driver and feel that users will find the features worthwhile. We take off our hats to NVIDIA's driver team for the extra effort and time. Users will appreciate the stability and features. Hopefully, NVIDIA will also keep those advances coming.