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80's Drivers Rock And Roll SLI

Oldies But Goodies - The Often Overlooked Features

There are many parts to a driver and there are many adjustable functions inside the control panel. Some functions are often overlooked by many simply because some of the features have no bearing on users' needs. Some people ask questions and are frustrated when they could have resolved the problem or issue if they only looked at their feature sets inside the control panel.

The first is a function that I have used in my HTPC (Home Theater PC). In the "tools" tab there is a feature called "Force TV detection." When I built the system I used a monitor to install the operating system, the drivers and the applications. However, when you get it into the living room or den, how do you tell the video card to use the video output hooked up to the TV? The answer, click the button on the tools tab before you shut the system down before transfer and "BAM!" your TV will be your default monitor when you fire it up again.