Iomega And Quantum Tackle Backup

REV120 Cartridges And Backup

The cartridges look exactly like the older versions with 70 GB or 35 GB of capacity, and they still have a similar weight of 73 g (2.58 oz). The media spins at 4,000 RPM (4,200 RPM for 70 GB media) and take 15 seconds spin-up time, which is acceptable. It takes six seconds from the time when you push the eject button until when you can remove the cartridge.

Retrospect Express 7.5

Iomega bundles Retrospect Express 7.5, which supports scheduled backups, alternating backup sets, data compression, and encryption. We selected one of our benchmark folders for testing the backup and restore features, which includes 6.5 GB in almost 13,000 files.

To be CD compatible, Retrospect Express splits the backup set into files that do not exceed 600 MB, so you can copy them onto CD recordables for disaster recovery. This turned out to be an advantage over the Quantum solution, which stores files individually. Despite its lower throughput, the REV finished our test backup in 15 minutes versus 21 minutes for the GoVault.