MSI Overclocking Challenge: French Final

The Magnificent Twenty

Among the competitors in the MSI European OC Challenge were some familiar faces, including Westyle, JMax, Marmott, Florian 76, Foxhound and RemZeyR. These folks all have extensive experience with overclocking on all types of motherboards, and have already garnered several world records.

But to participate in the qualifying rounds of the MSI competition, they had to prove they had the right stuff. Westyle, for example, whipped out his liquid-nitrogen canister, a Core 2 Duo E8400 and several motherboards. And the results were soon there for all to see:

Those impressive scores opened the doors of the competition for our friend, and so it was that he showed up on June 28 at the LDLC store in Paris, along with 19 other prize-winning overclockers. A total of twenty of France’s finest overclocking talents competed in ten teams of two: Marmott and Florian 76, JMax and Topalof, Foxhound and Brezodor, Boblemagnifique and Cydoo, Devil’s Tiger and Plut0n, Traxman and RemZeyR, Redtratamd and Nico21, Fran123 and Hyve, and Tigmich and Lordofwall.

  • kitsilencer
    It's small articles like this tht keep me coming back to Tom's. People with enough disrespect, enthusiasm and skill to dispel myths like "maximum clock frequency."

    Yeah right, Intel. Maximum is not what you say. It's what I (and hopefully some liquid nitrogen) say.

    Once again, a nice article.
  • randomizer
    To go higher, certain competitors didn’t hesitate to give the Hyper 212’s 120 mm fan a little help... by vigorously flapping the caps MSI had handed out (for just such a purpose?). As we said, extreme overclocking is a true sport!Overclocking is so physically demanding, you guys must be exhausted. :lol:
  • thepeganator
    How did this manage to give no numbers at all?!

    I don't know if everyone is like me, but I want numbers on how much who won by what in what benchmark!!!

    What scores did who get?!?!

    This is like the third time you've failed to give any numbers in this kind of thing Toms, it can't be that hard to get some figures for the falling amount of people that read here.
  • one-shot
    No Benchmark scores? Really? Did I miss a page?
  • Would like to show you the first Pre-exams round-video on at

    The winners (3 people went out for a semi-final, and the winner from there (Snot_aap) heads out to amsterdam. It was nice to be there, i unlucky finished last, some overclocking problems even tho i used a Vapochill.
  • apache_lives
    ROFLMAO MSI best for overNOTing
  • nicodeuru
    Hmm... Scores please!....
  • sirrell
    Does any competitions like this happen in Australia?
    Especially in Queensland?
    If so when & where, and how do I apply.
  • Joe_The_Dragon
    why only 1gb for ram suck it up and at least go to 2gb.
  • apache_lives
    sirrellDoes any competitions like this happen in Australia? Especially in Queensland?If so when & where, and how do I apply.FromTechnicianroflmao nothing happens in queensland :)