A Lost Chance? SiS 735 Motherboards For The Athlon

SiS 735: Chipset Architecture

The 735 comes with all the interesting features that you would require from a modern chipset, such as AGP 4x, SDRAM interface with support for Single and Double Data Rate memory, UltraATA/100 interface, integrated network controller, integrated AC97 sound support, software modem, USB controller, an I/O controller and ACPI.

For detailed information about the chipset architecture, you should take a look at the initial chipset review:

There's No Stopping Them: SiS Beats AMD & Co

One-Chip Solution: Low Cost, High Performance

Although the SiS735 is a pretty good performer, it is still classified as a low-cost product. That's why it does not support more than 1.5 GB of RAM - a factor that you can usually live with in the first place. However, the Athlon chipset is a real allrounder with its palette of features: SDR or DDR SDRAM support, synchronous or asynchronous memory timings, ATA/100 IDE interface, 6 USB, AGP 4x, integrated AC97 support and even integrated Ethernet - everything within only one 582-pin BGA chip.

SiS has done itself a credit - the 735 chipset does not get hot at all. While the KT266 and AMD's 760 chipset are usually kept cool both by a heat sink and an active fan, the SiS 735 hardly requires a heat sink. Also, we should not forget that the single-chip solution has one considerable advantage over all two-chip products: it does not require any sophisticated solution to connect North and South Bridge. That is a rather good condition for high internal data rates. That is why SiS quotes > 1 GB/s for their Multi-Threaded I/O-Link.