A Lost Chance? SiS 735 Motherboards For The Athlon

Alternative Athlon Chipsets: Strong Competition Out There

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ChipsetVIA Apollo KT266AVIA Apollo KT266AMD 760SiS 735ALi Magik 1NVIDIA nForce 220NVIDIA nForce 420
IntroductionSeptember 2001April 2001November 2000May 2001December 2001October 2001 (?)October 2001 (?)
CPU-PlatformSocket 462
Supported ProzessorsAMD Athlon/Duron
Chipset North BridgeVIA VT8366AVIA VT8366AMD 761SiS 735ALi M1647nForce220 IGPnForce420 IGP
Chipset South BridgeVIA VT8233VIA VT8233AMD 765-ALi M1535D+nForce220 MCPnForce420 MCP
Official FSB Support100 (200 DDR)/133 (266 DDR) MHz
Official Memory Clock Support100 (200 DDR)/133 (266 DDR) MHz
Number of Memory Channels12
Max. Memory Bandwidth2133 MB/s4266 MB/s
Asynchronuous Memory Timingyes
Supported DIMM-Slots4443433
Max. Memory Support4096 MB4096 MB2048 MB1536 MB1024 MB1536 MB1536 MB
Ultra-DMA/33/66/100 IDEyes/yes/yes
Number of USB-Slots6646666
Max. Number of PCI-Slots6
Integrated Graphicsnoyesyes
Integrated 5.1 Soundnoyesyes
Integrated Ethernetyes, optionalyes, optionalnoyesnoyesyes
AGP 1x / 2x / 4xyes/yes/yes

This table includes all available chipsets and the two nVIDIA nForce chipsets that are to come within the next few months.