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Adata XPG SX930 SSD Review

Adata hits back with a new flagship SSD that incorporates high-endurance eMLC flash and a familiar JMicron controller.

Pricing, Warranty And Accessories

According to Adata, "The XPG SX930 is designed as a high-end gaming model with excellent reliability and performance." With that said, JMicron positions its JMF670H as a mainstream controller that emphasizes value. We tend to ignore the grandiose claims when it comes to product placement and let the numbers we generate tell us where a product sits in the hierarchy.

MSRP pricing shows the 120GB model at $80, the 240GB version at $110 and the 480GB SX930 at $200. Those figures suggest that Adata's XPG SX930s fall into the popular low-priced mainstream segment.

JMicron's JMF670H controller, capable of correcting up to 72 bits per 1KB of data, paired with the Micron MLC+ makes for a powerful combination. Adata is so confident in it that the SX930 receives a five-year warranty without a specific TBW limit.

Unlike many other mainstream SSDs, the SX930 comes with a full retail accessory package. This includes access to Adata's SSD Toolbox software with features from Acronis. Customers also receive a 7mm-to-9.5mm adapter, a desktop adapter bracket and screws for mounting the drive in their systems. Extensive accessory kits have become rare in recent years, with only a few companies even offering add-on hardware in premium products. Adata is going after gamers, and the accessories help appeal to that market.

Chris Ramseyer is a Contributing Editor for Tom's Hardware US. He tests and reviews consumer storage.