ADS Tech Instant Music: The Fountain of Youth for Your Analog Music?

From Vinyl To CD In One Click, Continued

The final stage is creating an audio CD from the different tracks you've selected, which can even be blended together with a cross-fade effect.

Finally, Nero SoundTrax has a function for exporting the files you've recovered to the format of your choice, depending on the codecs installed on your machine. Conversion is to WAV by default, but you can also use other formats such as MP3 or AAC (compatible with the Apple iPod).

The software bundle also includes Nero Wave Editor and Nero Mix. The latter is an application for playing the audio files on your hard disk, creating playlists, burning audio CDs, and converting audio files from one format to another. The main interface lets you access the functions in a snap and can be customized with different skins.

Nero Wave Editor lets you create your own audio files and apply effects and enhancements.