ADS Tech Instant Music: The Fountain of Youth for Your Analog Music?

Test System And Measurements, Continued

Intermodulation : Parasitic signals were noticeable.

Stereo separation : Channel separation won't be a problem.

While not reaching the heights of fidelity, the results we got were quite respectable; the Instant Music offers sufficiently good performance for consumer use. The quality of the digitization of vinyl disks during our tests was very convincing. Don't forget that it's not possible to work miracles with a less-than-perfect source - you'd need to be able to go back and remix everything in the studio!

In Conclusion

Instant Music is very practical and easy to use; you can quickly record your old vinyl records and audio cassettes in the digital format of your choice with just a few mouse clicks. Its price is affordable and it's perfect for quickly archiving all your analog sources. The quality of the resulting files is good, and you can improve the sound if necessary with the tools included in the software bundle. It's a shame, though, that the input isn't amplified to allow a turntable to be plugged in directly, and that conversion is limited to 16 bits.