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The Amazon Kindle Fire: Benchmarked, Tested, And Reviewed

Benchmark Results: Wireless Performance

Earlier this year, the lab overhauled the process of evaluating Wi-Fi performance. For background information, check out page 10 of Acer Iconia Tab A500: A Tablet With Honeycomb 3.1. Moving forward, I'm going to focus mostly on throughput, which is why I've elected to exclude response time scores. Generally, these two metrics go hand in hand, so I feel that it's somewhat redundant to publish both.

Two scenarios are being tested here:

  • Five feet, line-of-sight: The wireless device is set five feet from the router without any obstructions. 
  • 20 feet, no line-of-sight: The wireless device is set 20 feet from the router and there are three drywall obstructions in our testing environment that reflect the possible degradation you might see in an indoor environment.

All devices idle for two minutes before testing in order to prevent power-saving rules in the OS from affecting wireless performance.