AMD's Socket 939 Offers More with Much of the Same

SiS755FX / SiS756

The SiS965 Southbridge component will offer x1 PCI Express slots for network, storage and multimedia device applications for the Athlon64.

SiS is eagerly working on its 756 chipset that will soon introduce PCI Express to the Athlon64 world. However, the chipset available at this time is the 755FX that is paired with the Southbridge SiS964 chip. In contrast to nForce3, the device lacks gigabit Ethernet and only supports six rather than eight USB 2.0 ports. However, it comes with two Serial ATA ports, as does the nForce3 and VIA's latest chipset.

As you can imagine, it is worth waiting for SiS' latest products: The 965 South Bridge (or MuTIOL Media I/O chip, as termed by SiS) introduces two more Serial ATA ports, two PCI Express x1 ports, eight USB 2.0 ports and a gigabit Ethernet MAC.

In contrast, it remains to be seen whether the 756 Northbridge is a good choice at this time. As our benchmarks clearly have shown, there won't be any advantage associated with PCI Express over AGP during the next couple of months, except if the graphics card suppliers would decide to stop releasing faster AGP boards all of a sudden.