AMD's Socket 939 Offers More with Much of the Same

Processor Overview


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Header Cell - Column 0 Athlon643500+Athlon643700+Athlon643800+Athlon64FX-53
SocketSocket 939Socket 754Socket 939Socket 939
Core Clock2.2 GHz2.4 GHz2.4 GHz2.4 GHz
HyperTransport1 GHz800 MHz1 GHz1 GHz
L2 Cache512 kB1024 kB512 kB1024 kB
Vcore1.50 V1.50 V1.50 V1.50 V
Process130 Nm130 Nm130 Nm130 Nm
TDP89 W89 W89 W89 W
Die Size144 mm2193 mm2144 mm2193 mm2
Price per 1,000$ 500$ 710s$ 720$ 799