Asus AGP-V7700 Pure Review

Performance - Afterthoughts

After looking over all our performance numbers we can once again be sure that no matter what GeForce2 board you decided to go with, they all perform nearly identical in 3D. The most useful information that you will probably get from the data provided is the performance difference between the GeForce and GeForce2. Looking over the data will give you a chance to see how much more you'll get for your money. Unfortunately right now there really isn't a huge advantage going with the GeForce2 and it may only appeal to die hard users like myself.

BX Overclocking

During my first GeForce round up we found all the boards to run software (Quake 3) over a reasonable period of time (1 hour) perfectly stable on my Microstar BX board. Nothing changed when I swapped in the Asus V7700 graphics card for an hour of continuous Quake3 play. No lockups, odd boots or visual effects occurred. I feel confident that the Asus board will have no problems in a BX motherboard running the 133 MHz bus setting.


The Asus AGP-V7700 is now available offering Asus quality hardware, a couple of useful utilities, an excellent owners manual and a few free games. All this is offered at the same price as the competition at $349.

A brief overview of each of the other competing GeForce2 graphics cards can be found here .

The contestants in this comparison are all very close together from price to performance. The things that currently place each competitor apart from the others are added features; as quality, performance and cost are essentially dead even. Although Asus made a strong effort to obtain the title of the best GeForce2 card and had a few minor perks over my previous winner the Leadtek WFGF2, it fell short of the Leadtek board as it missed the major feature of video out that Leadtek offers. Although the prices are dead even among this group, the Leadtek just flat out offers more bang for the buck and that's why it's still my choice for best GeForce2 solution available.