Asus AGP-V7700 Pure Review

Performance - Overclocking

The Leadtek board is still the fastest board I have thanks to the memory being so overclock friendly. I can't really credit the board design for this feat so other people might see varying results. The biggest thing to note from my overclocking findings is that the core being overclocked helped VERY little while the memory directly affected performance greatly. For example the core being overclocked 20% would increase performance at most 1% while the memory being overclocked 10% would show much larger gains. This is solid proof that one of the GeForce2's biggest problems right now is memory bandwidth.

Thermal measurements were taken while normal and overclocked testing was done. Here is an updated chart with the Asus V7700 added. You'll notice that the slightly better than reference cooling solution of the Asus board didn't really help too much in terms of keeping the board at a much lower temperature like the Leadtek board did. It did however keep it from being the hottest solution so it is at least on par with the rest of the group.