Asus AGP-V7700 Pure Review

Performance Results - 3DMark 2000 Game1

Here we have 3DMark 2000 running off of the MaxFX Technology and DirectX 7. Apparently Remedy had planned on having their graphics engine efficiently utilize the dedicated T&L engine as we can see by the scores that they did a good job at it. We can see the fill demands aren't that great but the GeForce2's still manage to put some good distance between it and the GeForce board. This is most likely due to the High Detail settings I chose to test with that require much stronger T&L performance. At 640x480 (fill rate isn't an issue) on most tests the GeForce typically was right with the GeForce2 group but not this time because of the higher T&L requirements.

Once again we see the GeForce2 boards stay on top of things thanks to the T&L friendly graphics engine. The 1600x1200x32 tests were not run because none of the boards were able to.