Asus AGP-V7700 Pure Review

Performance Results - Quake3 NV15DEMO

The results in this test are a bit misleading as Quake3 isn't the most efficient program at using T&L. Now before you all send off an e-mail, please consider that unnamed sources from other graphics companies have agreed with this statement saying that the game was not created to work with a T&L unit this powerful. Hopefully ID Software can shed some light on this in the near future, as results we're seeing in this testing don't make much sense at all.

Even with the higher demand color depths we're still seeing the same confusion, as the T&L units must be very busy but not working very efficiently with the software.

Adding FSAA and High Quality mode has pushed the fill-rate requirements up tremendously. You can see the performance gaps increase between the GeForce2 cards and the older GeForce because of it.