The New Athlon Processor: AMD Is Finally Overtaking Intel

The System Setup

Athlon in AMD's own 'Fester'-motherboard.

This was the hardware configuration of the test platforms:

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MotherboardAMD Fester B3BIOS AFTB00-06 8/2/99Abit BX6 2.0BIOS date 7/13/99
Memory128 MBViking PC100 CAS2128 MBViking PC100 CAS2
GraphicDiamond Viper V770UltraDiamond Viper V770Ultra
Hard DiskWestern Digital WDAC4180000 EIDEDMA mode enabledWestern Digital WDAC4180000 EIDEDMA mode enabled
NetworkNetgear FA310TXNetgear FA310TX

And here's the software configuration:

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AGP driverv4.45AGP miniportdated 5/11/1998
BM driverv1.11IDE driverdated 5/11/1998
Graphic driverNVIDIA reference drivers 2.08(Win 98/NT)VSYNC disabledNVIDIA reference drivers 2.08(Win 98/NT)VSYNC disabled
Windows98Windows 98SE 4.10.2222Windows 98SE 4.10.2222
WindowsNTWindows NT SP4Windows NT SP4
Desktop Resolution1024x768,16 bit color1024x768,16 bit color
Refresh Rate100 Hz100 Hz
Quake2 Version3.203.20
Quake3-Test Version1.081.08
Shogo Version2.
Halflife Version1.

Here's another close up view of AMD's Fester-motherboard for Athlon in the Californian sun: