The New Athlon Processor: AMD Is Finally Overtaking Intel

The Results A - Office Application Benchmarks

As already said, I used Sysmark98, because it used to be the office benchmark that was preferring Intel CPUs. Winstone 99 doesn't include as many applications and it doesn't give quite as reliable results as Sysmark98 in my humble opinion.

The lead of Athlon in Sysmark98 under Windows98 is pretty obvious, so I don't think I've got to say much about it. Athlon 650 gains some 7.1% over Athlon 600, which shows how well Athlon scales. It's coming pretty close to the 8.3% clock speed gain that 650 MHz has over 600 MHz. Pentium III scales pretty well in this benchmark as well, the PIII 600 scores 7.2% better than PIII 550, the clock speed increase is 9% though.

The picture is almost identical under Windows NT, Athlon doesn't have the slightest problem to leave Pentium III pretty far behind it as well, the Athlon 600 is some 10.1% faster than Pentium III 600, which means that even a Pentium III 666 won't be able to catch the Athlon 600 in Sysmark98.

If you're not familiar with BAPCo's Sysmark98, here is a list of the applications that are ran in there:

  • Bryce 2
  • Corel Draw 8.0
  • Elastic Reality 3.1
  • Excel 97
  • Extreme 3D 2
  • Naturally Speaking 2.02
  • Netscape 4.05
  • OmniPage Pro 8.0
  • Paradox 8.0
  • Photoshop 4.0.1
  • PowerPoint 97
  • Premiere 4.2
  • Word 97
  • Xing MPEG Encoder