ATI Brings HDTV to the PC


Many appreciate HDTV's crisp, colorful pictures on a television screen, but balk at the price. Now, ATi's HDTV Wonder brings HDTV to your PC monitor for $199.

The HDTV Wonder displays HDTV on your PC monitor by picking up Over The Air (OTA) HDTV signals. This means that you don't have to pay a monthly fee and you don't need to buy an expensive HDTV set. It uses some of the same software as ATi's All-In-Wonder PC card line.

However, before considering buying the HDTV Wonder, you should check to see if HDTV channels are available in your area. The FCC has a website that lists all the channels and their locations. If you want some background information on HDTV, you can check out our HDTV Background article .

So does the ATi HDTV Wonder live up to the claims of delivering great looking HDTV to your computer? Is the installation painless and easy?