BCM QS750 Athlon Motherboard Review


We pushed each of these boards through our test suite just to make sure there weren't any hidden performance issues. We also included AMD's own (not publicly available) Fester motherboard just for comparative purposes. Our test suite includes SYSmark98 (ran under Win98 & WinNT) to give us an idea of the board's business application performance, and to cover 3D graphics performance we ran Quake 3 Arena, Shogo, and Descent 3. Each of the game titles was run at 640x480x16 since we are trying to extrapolate motherboard performance not video board performance. We do not want to introduce the possibility of the video board becoming the bottleneck. Otherwise using a higher resolution would cause each of the motherboards to achieve almost identical scores.

Business Application Performance - Windows 98SE

The BCM board performs quite respectfully using BAPCO's SYSmark98 under Windows 98 almost matching the performance of AMD's fastest Fester board. However, all boards are scoring pretty much the same here, the difference between the lowest and the highest results is some meager 3.7%.