BenQ's FP71e+ LCD Is Fast, But How Furious?

A Modern Yet Classic Monitor

When it comes to design, BenQ is capable of doing it all.

From the exuberant FP783 to the classic FP767, BenQ consistently delivers new variations of design. For its first 8ms monitor, BenQ has chosen to go with simplicity and classicism. No Apple-style white plastic with blue metallic surround, no Web cam or optional speakers: The FP71E+'s design is sober, classic and very close to that of the FP767.

The on/off button in the center below the panel and the two speakers are also in the same location. The only changes, finally, are the adoption of a metallic-gray façade and the adjustment buttons being moved under the panel. The edges of the monitor are also very thin - only 1.6 cm. The thickness, however, is above average at 6.5 cm without the base. Note that the FP71E+ has the same accoutrements as its 12ms brother, the FP71E .

So as far as design and morphology are concerned, this is a classic monitor. BenQ could be accused of playing it safe, but it's surely only a case of their wanting the unit to appeal to as many people as possible.