BenQ's FP71e+ LCD Is Fast, But How Furious?

Hands On!

Life is made up of more than just measurement, so let's see what this monitor can do in practice.


BenQ's target market is gamers above all and they'll be very happy with this monitor.

In Unreal Tournament 2004, the graphics remain devoid of ghosting and noticeable latency effects. Compared to our Prophetview 920 Pro, the FP71E+ clearly has less remanence. Though it may remain perceptible, it never becomes bothersome.

The bottom line: at least one vendor's LCD monitor's performance is approaching that of CRTs! On the other hand, the images are a little less vivid than with the XP17. Ditto for FarCry, where the exterior scenes are rendered a little less vibrantly. In Doom3, even if the latency is excellent, the FP71E suffers somewhat from its high black level. Nevertheless, the FP71E is a good monitor for games, there's no doubt about that.

Interpolation, however, is fairly disappointing if you compare it to a Samsung 172X for example. In text mode and during games, the choices the monitor makes are sometimes questionable in terms of pixel interpolation. To get the full benefit of this monitor, you'll have to play in native resolution. Make sure you have a good graphics card.