Intel Z370 Motherboard Roundup

This roundup of Intel Z370 Coffee Lake motherboards pulls from our in-depth reviews, and includes recommendations for gaming, value & overall performance.

Intel's Z370 was designed to support Coffee Lake processors, which have more cores than their Kaby Lake predecessors. Z370's featureset is essentially identical to Z270, and both chipsets are designed for the LGA1151 socket, but Z370 utilizes an updated power design to ensure stability for the more powerful CPUs. This change in power regulation, however, prevents Skylake and Kaby Lake processors from working on Z370 motherboards, despite sharing the same socket design.

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Intel Z370 Motherboards

11/30/2017 Update: original publication; we'll be updating this article every time we review an Intel Z370 motherboard.

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Because Coffee Lake processors have more cores and require more power, the need for a strong power delivery system has also proportionally increased. Our reviews of some Z370 motherboards have shown temps on voltage regulators are significantly higher than on Z270 motherboards. If a board lacks proper cooling, it could cause thermal throttling on high-end Coffee Lake processors.

Memory support will also be a key spec to watch on Z370 motherboards. Z370's memory support is essentially the same as its predecessor, but with six cores and 12 threads, the amount of bandwidth available to each core has been reduced. The additional cores more than make up for any negative impacts this may have, but selecting a motherboard that supports DDR4 at high frequencies will help to ensure your system works at peak efficiency.

EATX Intel Z370 Motherboards

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ATX Intel Z370 Motherboards

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