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Biostar Hi-Fi B85S3+ Motherboard Review


This simple screen gives us basic information, including the version number (BRC04.BSS). On the left is some overview information on frequency and voltage. Here is where I found this board's only real irritant, although I ran into another glitch when taking BIOS screenshots. The device selection showed a couple of gibberish characters instead of a drive letter, device name or port identifier. Since I had just one thumb drive plugged in, that's where the screenshots ended up, which is what I wanted. Still, what I saw was not consistent with a finished product.

I went for the standard 4.2GHz overclock I've been using, by setting the multiplier as I had on past boards. Here I got a surprise, and was getting set to unload on this board, but I caught another setting to tweak (after taking a frustration break) on a triple-check. It cost me a few hours to rerun all my overclock tests, but CPU Ratio Mode must also be set to "Fixed."  Otherwise, the BIOS screens will show 4.196GHz as expected, and 1.26V, but CPU-Z and HWMonitor will show the CPU never going over 3.2GHz, although the higher voltage raises the temperatures considerably.

Joe Trott is an Associate Contributing Writer for Tom's Hardware US. He tests and reviews motherboards, specializing in budget Intel chipsets.