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Biostar Hi-Fi B85S3+ Motherboard Review


If H81 is just missing something, then B85 may be the way to go. More native SATA 6Gb/s ports is probably the biggest addition; if you need it, well then….  Although Biostar may not be a top-tier brand, the component quality on this board is comparable to the boards of the "big guys." And you may like having four RAM slots rather than the two that are more common on micro-ATX boards. This board has all video connector types except DisplayPort, and isn't missing anything you'd really expect to find in a mainstream, budget-friendly option. There are a couple of cheaper B85 boards, but you'll lose RAM slots and at least one PCI expansion slot going with one of those.  Paying another $10 may get you something different, but not visibly better; you may still lose ports and/or RAM slots.

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Joe Trott is an Associate Contributing Writer for Tom's Hardware, covering Motherboards.

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Joe Trott is an Associate Contributing Writer for Tom's Hardware US. He tests and reviews motherboards, specializing in budget Intel chipsets.