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Bridging The Flash Format Gap With Multi-Format Readers/ Writers

Imation - FlashGo! Flash Memory Reader/ Writer - IMN-USB-FG1

The Imation IMN-USB-FG1 FlashGO! provides one of the most innovative solutions on the market today. Although it was introduced last year, it still holds up well against the new competition.

Imation isn't a name that you might associate with a product like this, but as we found out from them last year when we met with them at Comdex, they are aggressively moving into new areas. The FlashGO! is a result of Imation expanding its offerings beyond normal storage products. The FlashGO! happens to be one of the first Multi-Format flash card devices that we had seen. Now, the field is even more open as more products begin to enter this product arena.

Formats SupportedCF I & II, MD, SD, MMC, SM, MS/MG
Form FactorExternal
Web Site
Warranty1 Year
Suggested Retail Price$59.99 US

Imation is the only company to use what we term a "compatibility sleeve" concept. The FlashGO! Unit can support CompactFlash Types I & II and Microdrive; however, with the use of adapter sleeves, it can be expanded to support SD, MMC, SM, and MS/MG by inserting the correct sleeve into the base FlashGO! Unit, and then inserting the correct module.

The "compatibility sleeve" concept gives the FlashGO! an edge that other manufacturers have not been able to duplicate; other manufacturers have tried by adding the additional slots to their reader/ writer. While the "sleeves" do provide one more thing to have to carry around, the 'up' side is that you only have to take the ones that you are going to use with you.

The FlashGO! is a small unit that isn't much bigger than two CompactFlash cards stacked on top of each other. The included cable can be used to connect the FlashGO! to USB ports in hard-to-reach locations, or simply to make access to the FlashGO! easier.

The FlashGO! offers both PC and MAC compatibility, and in the one year plus period of time that we have used this unit, it has operated problem-free. That said, newer solutions are available that offer the same compact portability as the FlashGO!, but do not require you to carry along sleeves for total compatibility.

While the FlashGO! is still a great performer and fared well in our testing, you might be able to find another unit that offers the portability of the FlashGO! for less money. Still, we have seen some good deals on the FlashGO! and this unit's reliability is a big plus. If you can find it for less than the suggested retail price of $59.99 US, it is worth considering the FlashGO!, but for the full retail price of the FlashGO! you can get an equivalent product for less money.