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Would You Buy A Core 2 Duo System Today?

Would You Buy Core 2 Duo Now?


Very good figures and at least it runs a lot cooler the the P4's in general. I'm a bit of an AMD fan but if the price is right after it's release and AMD has droped it's prices, I might just get one.

Randy77 (in response)

"AMD lovers? You've got one right here, simply because they had the fastest AND coolest running processor for a long time. They also did the 64 bit extensions right, and did dual core right, from the beginning.
What can I say now? I'm seriously looking at the 6700!!! Not only did Intel catch up (finally!), but they leapt quite far ahead. I hope the competition keeps going. Not too many years ago, Intel would have charged $800 for the 6700. I love the new prices."


"I was withholding judgement on Conroe. Altho, I did think some of the benchies are fudged. I am actually impressed now. Dunno if my next CPU witll be a Conroe, or something from AMD. Depends when I have to buy. I still got my 3.2 Prescott (underclocked to 2.x) and my Athlon XP 2800, and they are working fine. Maybe when Vista comes out I will upgrade. But will wait until then probably."


"As impressive as the graphs and charts show Core2 to be, it's still not compelling enough to justify the time and cost to build a new machine...I kind of equate things like this that little kid who thinks he can run faster because he's got new sneakers...the graphs and benchies are impressive no doubt, but it does make me wonder how much of the performance gains are solely user additional 5-10 fps in games already getting over few seconds shaved off encoding time..."


"Most of us are excited because it isn't a comparison between two companies and the point in time of their accomplishments but rather the accomplishment itself. I don't care who made the Core 2. I'm just happy I can get a processor for 350 dollars that I is more powerful and consumes less energy than one that cost 1000 dollars a month ago. That's what the excitement is about for me."

I Will Still Buy AMD!


„Conroe only won 35 out of the 37 tests! I am sticking with AMD."

Choknuti (in response)

"They [AMD] have an excellent plan. Now that they've got Zidane on their team (check article photo) they are going to head-butt Conroe and Intel to oblivion."

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