Would You Buy A Core 2 Duo System Today?

Has The World Gone Core-Centric?

We released our Core 2 Duo review last Friday, and so did every other tech magazine on the web: There is the mainstream phalanx that consists of CNet, PC Magazine, PC World and ZDNet, and the enthusiast people at AnandTech, Firingsquad, HardOCP, Hexus, Sudhian, The Tech Report, Xbit Labs and probably at least 20 other websites including Tom's Hardware Guide. The focus varies, but all of us are united when it comes to the conclusion: Core 2 wins - whether you like it or not.

In case I haven't mentioned your favorite website, Slashdot has a pretty nice summary. One of our forum members came up with some more, see here.

However, there are questions that still have to be answered: Is Core 2 Duo what you need now? Is this the only processor you should buy now? Should you replace your existing rig by a Core 2 Duo machine? Allow me to line up the opinions of Tom's Hardware editors and discuss some forum entries then. Let's see what you guys think.

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