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Would You Buy A Core 2 Duo System Today?

Your Opinion, Please. A Look at TG Forumz

Why Didn't You Review Slower Versions?


"No e6400 and e6300 benchmarks? That's what I wanted to see. It would have been good to see some older single core cpu's included to compare upgrading from an older system."


"The only thing I'm a little sad about is that there is no 2 MB cache versions in the review, in fact I'm having little success in finding the 2 MB cache versions in any reviews! I like seeing the super fast versions in all their glory, but I'd also like to see the processors I'd be able to purchase. Especially where there's a cache difference, which is harder to estimate than clock speed in my opinion..."


"Intel are releasing 5 models of the Core2Duo. Why are all review sites focusing on the X6800? I agree, it's fast, but lets face it, the majority of people aren't going to buy it, and majority of systems aren't going to be built with it.
It's great to see that hardware is forever getting better, but I already knew that, and I know that no matter how great it is something will wipe the floor with it this time next year.
Reviews of the 2 lower priced 2 meg cache would be appreciated.

Patrick: Intel provided one Core 2 Extreme X6800 and one Core 2 Cuo E6700 to the media. You could underclock Core 2 Extreme to reach lower clock speeds, but you cannot simulate the two entry-level versions at 2 MB L2 cache. The websites that did tests with the slower models probably got themselves qualification samples from motherboard partners. We will follow-up with a nice low-budget project that will be similar to the Pentium D 805 review and 4 GHz dual core system project.


"Okay Tom's, what's going on when you list all those processors in the test setup but only present results for a handful? I would really like to see the results as well as results for processors such as the Ahtlon 64 3000+, as I'm sure many people have systems with those ($$$ considerations)."

Patrick: This is a good question. Well, we still have our Interactive CPU Charts. These are the place for unlimited comparison. They will be updated within few weeks from now. This update will include all important AMD AM2 processors as well as the complete Core 2 processor family.