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Angelini Talks Gaming With DEVGRU Operator Craig Sawyer

All Of The Gear A SEAL Could Want

Tom’s Hardware: Can you please give us an example of one of your workouts?

Craig Sawyer: I like to warm up on the elliptical machine. Great overall muscle recruitment, and it lubes up my joints without impact. From there, I like to do a lot of resistance training, usually with free weights, mixing it up between dumbbells, kettle bells, and the squat rack. I also try to keep my running up to speed by getting outside to enjoy a change of terrain and scenery. Alternatively, I like hand-to-hand training with some of my buddies, cycles on the heavy bag, pool swims, and cross-fit odds and ends (using the medicine ball, rings, and ropes). I have this thing now called The Viper, which I actually got from a friend who trains some of the Hollywood stars as a wellness coach. It's like a tube with handles in it for lifting and moving around. Another innovative piece of gear to add to the gym options.

Tom’s Hardware: What is Sleep, Eat, and Lift?

Craig Sawyer: Hey! Are you punking me, man!? Hah. "Sleep, Eat, and Lift" is actually just an unofficial acronym for SEAL, which actually stands for the environments in which we operate: Sea, Air, and Land. Sometimes, when we're on a Navy ship, catching a ride to the fight, we don't really have much to do other than prepare for battle. So, on a ship, it can look a whole lot like Sleep, Eat, and Lift. Somebody has to do it, right?

When you're hitching a ride on a ship, there's little else to do than eat, sleep, and lift

Tom’s Hardware: More personally, if you are going into the field today, what makes it into your gear bag? What do you select for your primary rifle, your close-quarters battle (QCB) firearm, your optics, sidearm, sling, and eyewear? What are some other things that elite soldiers bring into the field that we rarely hear about?

Craig Sawyer: This is a fun question for me, since I'm out there networking with various tactical manufacturers, helping them make the best items available in each gear slot. Here's what I like out of the choices out there:

  • Best overall combat weapon: Patriot Ordnance Factory in 7.62 mm NATO for its superior reliability, engineering, and versatility. If the Navy SEALs could test this rifle right now, they'd want it.
  • Holsters: I like Safariland holsters. I have been running them my entire professional career.
  • Sidearm: I like the Glock and the new FNS-9.
  • Optics: I like U.S. Optics, due to their ruggedness, clarity of glass, and wide range of custom options. All made in the USA!
  • Sling: I like the Savvy Sniper for best tactical weapon sling. I run it on all my weapons, exclusively. Smarter design than anything else I've seen out there.
  • Footwear: The new Magnum Boots Spider combat boots in MultiCam are great.
  • Tactical eyewear: I choose Rudy Project. Scratch-proof lenses that are flexible and don't break, rugged frames that still look cool, and the best option ever: transition lenses that adjust with the light, so you never have to swap! I wear the same lenses all day and night overseas on tactical assignments.
  • Nutrition: Warrior Wound Care has some new products that are changing the game with their Oral IV and their new Bioelectric bandages. You can even use the code SAWMAN to get a discount there.
  • General store: I get most of my odd tactical items from U.S. Patriot Tactical, due to selection and service there. Great outlet run by great people. Tangodown makes some great accessories for tactical weapons, as does VLTOR and Magpul.
  • Chest rigs: I'm now working with Raine Inc., to help them develop a line of tactical kit for the elite operators. Soon, we'll make the very best chest rigs and plate carriers available anywhere.
  • Getting to battle: I protect all of my stuff with Pelican ProGear.
  • Watch: I'm liking the NFW watches because they're holding up where others don't. I remember the name by calling them Nice Freakin' Watches. Hey, whatever works, right?