Bug Or Feature? AMD's Catalyst Doesn't Recognize NB Driver

Updating? A Hidden Option

How to Find the Hidden Option

As the previous section explained, we first go to the directory with the extracted installation files. From there, we dip into the "Config" folder. Next, we open the "InstallManager.cfg" file with Notepad or a similar editor. Then we find the "Show Update" row at the bottom of the options list. This is set to "false" by default. We enable this option by setting the value to "true" and then save the file.

When starting the installation program, an additional option now appears in the main selection screen:

If you use the previously hidden "Update" option, a new wizard appears:

Here you can upgrade individual components without the need to uninstall them. As far as we can tell, the Installation option only runs a limited automatic uninstallation or even none at all, whereas Update combines a full uninstallation and installation of the selected components in the same reboot cycle. This saves a complete reboot cycle otherwise required during uninstallation. It's also useful after an uninstallation and reboot, because Windows may automatically replace uninstalled files against your will.

  • icepick314
    I would like to hear what AMD says about their Catalyst installer "bug"...
  • AMW1011
    THESE are the type of articles that made Tom's awesome years ago, hopefully you guys will keep them coming.

    Thanks, very interesting.
  • tigsounds
    So, I guess since I installed with the express method, I'll never know.
  • superflux
    It still didn't work for me on my radeon 3200 laptop...
  • omoronovo
    Am I the only one that took note of the fact that the driver version installed was ""? Maybe Microsoft and ATI/AMD were trying to tell you not to bother :p
  • dlpatague
    Yes I love articles like this also. Very informative and helpful.
  • The Greater Good
    The "Bug or feature" only works with Apple.

    ...just sayin...
  • This problem has certainly been around for years. I remember posting a question about it on the AMDGame forums.
  • How about just installing 10.6!
  • Ciuy
    wtf, update? why they hide it? wtf ATI !!!!!!!