CES 2007: Battle of the 108"ers

Las Vegas (NV) - Male size competitions, that's what the battle of 100"+ HD TVs is being termed here at CES. It's also a battle of timing, as two companies raced to announce their 108" TV's. LG has apparently got the first ever 108" to be announced to the world, though it was superceeded by their combo Blu-ray HD-DVD player. Sharp followed two hours later with their behamoth of a TV nobody bar vainglorious celebrities are ever going to buy.

There's possibly some merit to having 108" of TV, in the same way that one climbs a mountain "Because it's there." Sharp's 108" Aquos LCD TV, which the company claims has the contrast of the best of plasma offerings, will be coming to market sometime around "summer", say the journalists lucky enough to have actually got in to see it.

The competition shall continue in various arenas and niches as the week goes on we're sure, but in sheer inches we've seen (heard of) the big one(s) today, I suspect. Pricing, by the way, has not been announced.