CES 2007: Roadmaster shows programmable license plate frame

Las Vegas (NV) - We checked out Roadmaster's booth at CES today - although it didn't really fit the trend of most other in-car products around the show. While Roadmaster does not have a whole lot of entertainment products, it does have interesting Bluetooth technology devices and rear-view video camera systems. And then there was a programmable license plate frame.

Roadmaster's Bluetooth devices and a programmable license plate ...

With the increasing amount of Hummers and monster SUVs on the road, which tend to have not the greatest safety records when going in reverse, the new market of rear view safety video cameras has begun to make waves. Roadmaster is touting several different models of such cameras at the show this year.

Featuring a wireless connection between a stand/visor mountable screen and a miniature camera that can be placed over a license plate, screen sizes are available in 2.5", 3.5", and 5".

Additionally, Roadmaster is working on a unit that can be integrated directly into the rear view mirror, taking up a small part of either the center or either side of the mirror. Powered by the car's cigarette lighter, the unit automatically turns on when the car is put into reverse. The company is also working on bigger, wired models for industrial vehicles like buses and motor homes, we were told.

A couple other things that we saw included a Bluetooth-connected rear-view mirror to allow drivers to see the number of an incoming cell phone call directly on the mirror, and a license plate frame with a programmable scrolling LED message. We suggest pairing such a license plate with Pimpstar programmable LED wheels.