Under Closer Scrutiny: Dual BIOS From Gigabyte

Modification Of A Flash BIOS

Tools for modifying the Bios.

Logos to replace the Energy Star symbol.

There are a variety of tools available in the Internet that make it possible to replace annoying images (for example, the Energy logo) with your own logo. Some manufacturers have their own company logos appear during startup - with the help of the appropriate tools, you can replace these manually as well.

With dual BIOS, replacing these images is now free of risk, giving the tech enthusiast more leeway to experiment

Conclusion: Less Burden And Costs For Support

In our last comparison , the fact that dual BIOS gives users more room to flash and modify BIOS was downplayed. When an error occurs while flashing, dual BIOS gives users the chance to restore the original BIOS without a lot of hassle. For standard motherboards without dual BIOS, if an error occurs during a flash procedure, then the only option is to send it back to the manufacturer.