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Comparison: Low-Price Multifunction Devices

Monochrome Photo Quality

Same test as before, but with a black and white photo.

Actual size original photoOriginal photo enlarged 3X
Canon F20Epson CX 3200
hp psc 1210Lexmark X5150

Only the HP all-in-one gave us a truly black and white photo. Canon's tend to be bit blue, Epson's a bit red and Lexmark's definitely green (even though digitization brings out the blue). However, with Canon and Epson, these dominants are really only visible when the prints are viewed side by side with HP ones.

With regard to detail, the advantage again goes to the Epson CX3200, which has much greater precision than the others. The rest of them come out equal.

Joint winners: Epson and HP, with an advantage to the former.