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The Dual Trap: Athlon MP 2000+ vs. Xeon 2200

MP3-Audio-Encoding: Mp3 Maker

MP3 Maker was used under Windows XP to convert a 178 MB sound file from a WAV format to the MPEG-1 Layer 3 format. The chart shows that dual processing only allows for only a slight increase in performance.

MPEG-4 Video Encoding: Xmpeg 4.2a And Divx 4.12

MPEG-4 encoding is one of the best practical applications: the Intel Xeon 2200 is ahead of the AMD Athlon MP 2000+ by 5 fps. Despite dual Rambus technology and SSE2 optimization, Intel is not able to make a more significant leap ahead of the Athlon, which is not as powerful but nevertheless more efficient. The disadvantages of the AMD platform are its weaker memory performance and slower clock speed.

MPEG-2 Video Encoding: Pinnacle Studio 7

Here, it was not possible to compare the two platforms - the Pinnacle application wasn't able to start on the dual Xeon platform.